When you are in a mood to sing ‘Rimjhim gire sawan’ or may be Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ then you can be sure that monsoon has not just hit the climate but your heart too. Monsoon is all about romance, hot food, and a marvellous destination for the vacation. Most of the travellers choose a sea beach when it comes to a monsoon destination. But as an avid traveller, it is always better to explore rough terrains and the majestic beauty of the hills. Darjeeling’s beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. If you travel like the tourists do and not like the sheer admirer of the eloquent nature then Darjeeling is not a place for you in the monsoon. For a great camera shot or for a clear sky view, do not come to Darjeeling. Come here only if you are in search of the essence of serenity and feel the sangfroid right inside your senses. Stay at the resorts in Darjeeling and breathe the plush of nature and the soft earthy smell of rain – Ah! What bliss. Enough of aesthetic values, now let’s get practical. Here we go with few specific reasons that can make you wish that monsoon comes soon every year.

Living in the Darjeeling luxury resorts, you can feel the first touch of monsoon with the array of the spell caster on your mind, heart, and soul. Monsoon paints the curvy terrain of this popular Himalayan town. During the monsoon, Darjeeling comes as the irresistible siren that captivates you with her splendour. Love to explore the beauty alone without the tourists’ chaos? Then monsoon is the best time for you to visit Darjeeling. Mostly vacant and tranquil, you can hear the melodies of nature intriguing into your ears. Hear the whispers of the soft monsoon breeze, touch the cold rain drops soothing your skin, and talk to the clouds that pat your back. Darjeeling in the monsoon is sure to take you to a world that is only rendered by fantasy. The Chamong Chiabari resorts in Darjeeling is planned to give you the most enchanting retreat submerged in the flavour of elegance. While you are deciding the monsoon destination, always consider Darjeeling luxury resorts.

Pointing out the activities you can do & the places you can visit even if it’s raining cats & dogs in the Chamong Chiabari resorts in Darjeeling:

  • 1. Watching the drizzle on a rainy day in Darjeeling
  • 2. Mist covered Darjeeling Mall & in seconds, the mist is gone!
  • 3. Watching rains in Darjeeling over breakfast
  • 4. Foggy Mall Road, Darjeeling
  • 5. Visit the Bhutia Busti Monastery
  • 6. Dali Monastery
  • 7. Japanese temple & peace pagoda
  • 8. Latpanchar Mountain Hamlet

Now what are you thinking? Monsoon is calling to Darjeeling. Pack your bags & book your trip to Chamong Chiabari.