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Staying in Chamong Chiabari Mountain Retreat and Spa, you just can’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime to visit our very own Chamong Chiabari Tea Estate and Factory. Tea manufacturing is an interesting process and guests get the firsthand knowledge about their very dear cup of tea. Chamong Chiabari produces the finest organic teas in the world and has been doing so since a long time. Promoting sustainability through the organic tea production and tea tourism, for the rest of the world to enjoy, Chamong has come a long way.
A complimentary visit to the factory through the lush green tea bushes and getting to know the manufacturing process from start to end is an enlightening experience. With a knowledgeable staff at your service, a visit to the Chamong organic tea factory will give you an insight into the hustle bustle that goes into the process of tea manufacturing that brings a smile to every tea lover.
Provisions are made for tourists to buy this excellent brand of organic Darjeeling tea on site and it is one of the finest in the world.