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Darjeeling, the scintillating Himalayan hill station is famous for its rich and colourful culture. Its culture and heritage are influenced by the inhabitants who belong to
different ethnicity. People from Bengal, Nepal, Tibet, and Sikkim have made Darjeeling their home and hence one get to experience a diverse culture among these mixed inhabitants.

In our Chamong Chiabari Resort, we try to exhibit the best in traditional music and dance forms to entertain our guests. Songs are not only melodious but are based on specific themes. There are love songs like Jhowre and Juhari; Malsiri songs sung during Durga Puja, cultivation and harvest songs like Rosia, and Ratelis sung for kids. Sarengi is the most common instrument that features among the locals.

The locals of Darjeeling are a vibrant bunch of people who are fun loving and has a variety of dance forms to mark every occasion. More specifically, the Nepali dances form the basis for the variety of dances that mark the culture and heritage of Darjeeling. Among a wide variety, Mayuri Naach, Dhan Naach, Jhankri, Yatra, Tamamg Selo, Balan Naach, Deora, Khukuri and Pancha Buddha naach are remarkable.

In our resort, we entertain our guests with a delightful cultural program that brings out the best in music and dance forms performed by local artists. Guests are encouraged to join in and we assure you of a unique experience to enrich your memory with a lasting impression.