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Chamong Chiabari- The Paradise of Nature

Chamong chiabari is an exquisite tea resort in the lap of the Himalayas where the tourists can relax and refresh themselves with the crisp mountain air. This is the place where they can forget everything and get indulge in the wide array of activities like trekking, cycling, bird watching and jeep safari. The calm and serene atmosphere will give them the comfort that they miss in their everyday life. Staying amidst the mountain, everyone gets the opportunity to explore the deep secrets of the forests, the sparkling springs, and witnesses the heavenly scenic beauty of the snow capped mountains surrounding this tea bungalow in Darjeeling. Our suites have the romantic ambiance which is best suited for the newlywed honeymoon couples. We prepare sumptuous dishes for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner which our guests relish them happily. We make our guest experience and taste the local dishes which we prepare in its unique style.

What makes the visit special to our resort?

It has been 120 years that we take our guests for a visit to our tea estate where they experience an exotic tea journey starting from tea plucking, manufacturing, and an aromatic tea testing session. The Chamong tea estate is spread up to a height of 6400 ft which is a fully organic tea plantation in Darjeeling. Our tea tourism is one of its kinds where the guest goes through the complete process in details. Our tea resort does not limit your holidays to a tea plantation tour, we also take you for a day trip where you can watch birds of different kinds, tap your feet with the tribal dance and music and also feel the freshness of water coming from the springs. ‘Health is wealth’ we believe in this phrase so, we have maintained an eco-friendly environment in our place along with offering you eco-friendly dishes cooked from organic fresh fruits and vegetables along with home bred poultry and meat which brings the mother nature closer to you.

Encircling the complete area of 346 hectares, Chamong is a paradise of birds. Its name itself expresses their love for birds as the name Chamong has been derived from the word ‘Chamu’ which is the local name of the birds whistling thrush. Along with food, mountain, river, tea garden, birds, we have also arranged for relaxing spa where our customers can relax and drain out all the stresses of their life and reconnects themselves to the nature around them. Once you visit our resort, you will agree that this the best place to stay in Darjeeling. So come and spend your holidays in Chamong Chiabari and get lost in the mystic beauty of the Himalayas.