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A ravishing spa, to savour the treatments that utilize fresh water from the springs—believed to have healing powers, is a divine experience. Being a spa resort, great emphasis has been given to Ayurveda. It forms the basis of a thoughtfully planned wellness regime for the guests. From specialized diet plans and massages to fulfill more rigorous lifestyle changes, the spa experience here is an opportunity for the guests to fulfill their desire to heal, cleanse, relax and revitalize. The resort can boast of its qualified therapists who have mastered the art of administering therapeutic massages and various modes detoxification. The therapies at Chamong Chiabari Mountain Retreat and Spa are a divine mingle of deep rooted ancient traditions, and contemporary preferences keeping in mind the utmost comforts of the guests.

The Spa’s devotion and commitment to the traditional healing system are evident in the authenticity and use of age-old herbal powders, oils, vessels and treatment rituals. The spa takes pride in their qualified therapists who are religiously devoted to their guests. So visitors at Chamong Chiabari Mountain Retreat and Spa can indulge in pampering themselves in the exotic spa with a refreshing experience.