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Chamong Chiabari Mountain Retreat and Spa, is located amidst the beautiful Chamong Chiabari Tea Estate. It is surrounded by lush green tea bushes and it is only natural that guests will want to savour the typical tea experience with a cheerful cup of tea. While promoting tea tourism Darjeeling, the retreat offers its guests the best organic tea experience they could ever hope for. During their stay, guests will get to attend a complimentary tea tasting session with the “the cup that cheers”. This region is famous for the Darjeeling tea, and Chamong Tea Company produces some of the best Darjeeling teas in the world!

We at Chamong are always delighted to introduce our guests to this customized tea tasting session. It involves an introduction to the various types of teas manufactured in the Chamong Chiabari Tea Factory, and romancing your taste buds with the lovely and cheerful tea cups at our tea bar. Darjeeling tea is characterized by its rich flavour and colour. Tea tasting is all about determining the quality of the tea, as there is a vast variation in the tea qualities in terms of appearance and flavor owing to geographical and climatic conditions of a place. Tasting is done to ascertain the quality of a particular tea, prior to its dispatch for blending or sale. Basically it involves 3 steps towards determining tea quality. The first step is all about assessing the visual appeal of the dry leaf; followed by examining the liquor (when the dry leaf is infused in boiling water), and lastly the taste appraisal. A collection of unique blends presented in the session has always been a flavourful experience.

Such activities have helped the guests to savour the tea tourism Darjeeling experience at Chamong, in more ways than one!