“Run on the top of the dishevelled tide, And dance upon the mountains like a flame”
  • -Yeat’s, The Land of Heart's Desire

If these lines continue to linger on your mind, then it is the quintessential time to surround yourself with the sheer mountainous beauty. Being trapped in a citified life, we all tend to seek a gateway to rejuvenate and refresh. Sun-kissed beaches may be attractive but snow-capped mountains with frilly tea estates have its’ own enigma. You can enjoy the serenity and sheerness of puffy clouds and splendid trails of tea estates in the lap of grand Himalaya. Imagine yourself waking up to the pristine clean mountain air, lavish green forest and scent of the misty mornings. Sounds alluring, isn’t it? Here is why we believe, you should plan your next vacation to tea estates in India. You can find marvelous gateways to enjoy Himalayan Sunrise, peaceful monasteries, snow-capped hills, lush green tea estates, and wildlife among nature.

You can go through this selection of the five most extravagant tea estates of India has to offer to plan your stay in the midst of pure mountain bliss:

Chamong Chiabari and Tumsong Chiabari tea estates (Darjeeling):

Chamong & Tumsong  Chiabari Tea Estate

Darjeeling can bring its explorers an untamed wilderness of nature in the lap of Himalaya. Located 4800 meters above the sea level, these two premium tea estates in Darjeeling can offer their guests picturesque sceneries and a perfect gateway from a mundane schedule. If you are one of the lovers of tea and love to appraise the aroma and flavors of Darjeeling tea, then these two tea estates in Darjeeling would never disappoint you. Dotted with magnificent views of Kanchenjunga peaks and cascading waterfalls can thrill your senses by giving a series of memorable experiences. You get to savor the guided tea tasting events of freshly brewed Golden Orange Pekoe specially produced by foremost flush tea leaves of Chiabari Tea estate. Equipped with all the five-star luxury amenities such as Wi-Fi, private lounges, bay windows Chiabari Group also offer s tea bungalows in Darjeeling can definitely be a perfect choice for tea aficionados. Apart from the lavish green tea trails, these two tea estates in Darjeeling are surrounded by prominent sightseeing such as the Batasia loop, Tiger Hill, the Bhutia Busty Monastery, and Ghoom Railway Station.

Manohari Tea Estate(Assam):


This tea estate is located at the upper part of Assam nearby Indian-Burmese border. It is one of the prominent tea estates in Assam producing aromatic and superior golden tea leaves since the colonial British era. It is sprawled across the 1800 acre area.  Besides from the stunning vistas and vibrant tea leaves, Manohari Tea Estate offers a place to find your inner tranquility.

Makaibari Tea Estate:


If you want savour the costliest tea in India you must visit this tea estate. Jostling with the exotic white orchid, this tea estate offers you astonishing views of eco diversity and simplicity of human life. With the presence of dense forest, Makaibari Tea Estate can be ideal for experiencing adventure, with hearty meals and simple accommodation from the localities. You can also engage in several activities such as walking through the slopes of tea gardens and tea tasting. You can easily catch the mesmerizing glimpses of the queen of the hills “Darjeeling” from Makaibari Tea Estate. It feels beguiling to watch evenings with the crimson peaks and emerald green tea gardens.

Risheehat Tea Estate (Darjeeling):


Risheehat Tea Estates offer one of the premium quality teas to the tea lovers. Situated at an altitude of 2500 ft it this tea estate offers a majestic view of the queen of hills draped by the lush green tea gardens. Risheehat means Sojourn of Holy Saints. The mesmerizing view of tea gardens propels to get such a name. Perennial rivers flow on both sides of these tea estates. Travellers can immerse themselves with the beauty of nature while visiting these two tea gardens.

Kanan Devan Hills Plantations (Kerala):


Apart from the Northeast section, the southern part of India also has plenty of beautiful tea gardens to captivate the minds of the tourists. Munnar is synonymous with pristine valleys of tea gardens. Exotic presence of wildlife and flora has always enchanted its travelers. Located between the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu Kanan Devan Hills Plantations covers an area 1290 hectors tea area in Kerala. This tea estate consists of Kundaly, Chundavurrai, Chittavurrai, and Yellapatty. It is also named as top station because of the presence of a connecting ropeway station to Munnar. One of the oldest hydroelectric Dams in Kerala known as Sethu Parvathi Puram is also located in this area. Plenty of tourists across the globe visit this tea estate to experience the abundance of nature and wildlife.

So if you want to tickle your buds with a freshly brewed cup of tea while praising the splendid tea gardens, then reserve your next holiday plan to these to Tea Estates in India. We can assure you can soothe your mind and find solace in the lap of nature.