“I glanced out the window at the signs of spring. The sky was almost blue, the trees were almost budding, the sun was almost bright.” — Millard Kaufman

When the leaves turn green and tiny buds bloom into beautiful flowers, we know that spring has arrived in our lives. After the cold winds of winter, the warm breeze of spring feels like a long-lost friend who has finally come home. And nothing captures the spectacular beauty of spring glory than rhododendron flowers covering up the path leading to Chamong Chiabari.


Nestled deep into the lush valleys of Darjeeling Hills, Chamong Chiabari is a luxury mountain resort enclosed by a verdant tea plantations that are part of a tea estate that’s more than a 100 years old. As you enter Chamong Chiabari, you are welcomed by the mesmerizing sight of snow-laden Himalayas towering over the snug, comfy bungalows of the resort. Built in a colonial architectural style, the rooms are lavishly decorated in modern contemporary style. As you move the curtains, enjoy the sight of charming tea gardens outside your window.

‘Spring is sooner recognised by plants than by men’, says a Chinese proverb. And the tea plantations surrounding Chamong Chiabari prove this every year. Spring is the time for the famous Darjeeling First Flush Tea; and mid-March to late-April is when First Flush tea is plucked at the Chamong tea estate. Darjeeling is the prime hub of tea tourism in India. These hill slopes have been growing tea since the late 1850s, and today Darjeeling Tea is appreciated as one of the finest blends of teas in the world. This is what makes the tea gardens of Darjeeling so attractive for many tourists.


A stay at Chamong Chiabari gives you a chance to experience the good life – stay at a cosy bungalow, wake up to glorious views of the Himalayas, and taste the organic tea grown locally at the estate. Visiting Chamong during the spring season gives you a chance to be present for the tea plucking activity. Wake up at early dawn and accompany tea workers out into the tea gardens. Witness the careful craft of tea plucking as they delicately pick two leaves and a bud. The specialty of Spring Flush is that the leaves are still tender new shoots on the stalks of the tea bushes. When you stay at Chamong, you can witness the entire process of tea production. From tea plucking activity to visiting a tea manufacturing factory, the experience covers it all.

Spring is also the best time to be in Darjeeling, in terms of weather. Skies are a clear blue, the surrounding vegetation is lush green, and the temperatures are moderate. Days are comfortably warm without being too hot, and the nights are cool without being too chilly. While booking a stay at Chamong, you can opt for a sightseeing tour to the main attractions of Darjeeling. Witness the awe-inspiring sunrise at Tiger Hill, find solace at the Japanese Peace Pagoda, and be mesmerized by the scenic splendour of Batasia Loop. Trekking enthusiasts may also visit Tumling, the base point of Sandakphu. The clear skies of spring make sure that you get a spectacular view of the Sleeping Buddha.

Staying at Chamong Chiabari is always a pleasurable experience. And the beauty of spring only adds to the joy even more. As the colours of spring bloom to their full glory, the tea gardens of Chamong await you...