Like the monsoon’s first summer, the mountain rains can suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air, and you. So why just watch the rain outside your usual abode? Travel to the paradise where rainbows glow on your face and raindrops flow, tickling your body, mind, and soul – Come for the magical monsoon at Chamong, the best place to stay in Darjeeling. There is always a basic bonding between the monsoon and the mountains. We, nature lovers admire the scenic pulchritude but there is a scientific relation as well. It has been reported that the rise of the mighty Himalayas, resulting in the Indian subcontinent colliding on Asia’s land mass and this is considered to be the reason behind Asia’s monsoon in the first place. So, no wonder monsoon and mountains are compeers of each other.


We Indians are such romantic beings, that we perceive love in every season and every food. Among all the seasons, monsoon seems to be the king of romance. Isn’t it? So, this monsoon, discover ardour in the mystique mountains at the Chamong hotels and resorts in Darjeeling. The made for each other pair is best felt when nature communicates to you through every rain drop touching your skin and the cold breeze caressing your hair. Do you need more reasons to visit the mountains? We have more alibis that you can use for visiting the beguiling beauty of Chamong at Darjeeling during the monsoon.

• A perfect destination where you can flitter into the tranquillity and swipe away the daily mundane life

• An amalgamation of taste & quality when it comes to food with fresh organic veggies

• Specialised vegetarian food & customisation at its best

• Modern aesthetic Spa overlooking the valley of repose

• Invigorating fresh spring shower, overflowing during the monsoon

• Indulge in monsoon photography, ripples caught through your lens

• Charismatic view of the organic tea garden, wet in the rain

• BBQ with bonfire after a heavy downpour – Blissful!

• The raging river nearby is at its most gorgeous form during the monsoon

• The night is silent & drenched in the rain – Perfectly imperfect beauty

• Sense the mysteries of the elegant mountains & cherish the views from the resort

• Last but not the least, Chamong is the best place to stay in Darjeeling as rated by the customers on Trip Advisor (irrespective of the season)


Ok, these were the reasons why you must visit Chamong to experience the spellbinding monsoon but here we come with the offers that Chamong’s hotel and resorts in Darjeeling come up with. The special monsoon offers include:

o Enjoy 25% discount on packages

o Free food & lodging for kids

o Dip your fingers into the delicious & best Hilsa of the season (imported especially for you)

o Surrender your foodie soul to the choicest mangoes of the season

o Teeming Waterfalls at their best, roaring down the mountains

o Voyage through the concrete roads with better connectivity & fewer chances of landslide

Started packing bags already? Wait coz you need to book before you set out on the journey to the majestic Darjeeling. Chamong Mountain Retreat and Spa, the perched atop a serene cliff is sincerely a traveller’s wonderland and the best place to stay in Darjeeling.

Book your visit today! Travel with a bag full of clothes but be assured to return with bags stuffed with happiness and memories of Chamong at Darjeeling.  Visit us at: