Do you earnestly crave for a lazy afternoon amidst an ambience that orchestrates a symphony between an elegant backdrop and a perfectly, delicate aroma? If you quite agree with the same and long for a moment decorated by an exquisite aroma of tea and frail crockery, tea tasting event with Chamong Chiabari tea estates in Darjeeling is just the one for you, promising a magnificent, lifetime experience. With every sip of Chamong’s exquisite organic tea, you are bound to be encapsulated in nothing short of surrealism. On that note, we organize a complimentary tea tasting event “the cup that cheers” for guests to get amazed and enthralled by the taste of Green Tea. You can pep up your tastes along with Umami to savour the taste of tea.

Many of us drink or taste on the quotidian schedule of life. But we rarely try to explore the intrinsic and enchanting aroma of the tea. The intricacy of aroma and flavour only can be produced from a tea of very high quality. That’s where our elegant tea estates come in. You can unravel the extravagant ranges of the aroma, textures, and flavours of our handpicked teas at Chamong Chiabari tea estates in Darjeeling.

Here’s a fact. Taste and flavour of the tea are solely dependent on the place and time of the growth, quite similar to the wines from grapes. The climate, the nature of the soil and the altitude, all are crucial in producing a great quality tea. Tea varieties that are generally grown in the highest altitudes mature unhurriedly. Hence, it results in a superior quality. Darjeeling, situated in the Northeastern part of India, is universally renowned for producing delicate and distinguished flavored tea. Chamong Chiabari tea estates in Darjeeling can offer you to observe the tea quality yourself by examining dry leaf and boiling liquor followed by tasting of the unique blends.

Tea tasting at Chamong

Flavour, Fragrance and Appearance

We, at Chamong Chiabari tea estates in Darjeeling, are always overjoyed to let guests experience the personalized and bespoke tea tasting events. At Chamong Chiabari tea estates in Darjeeling, you can allure your taste buds with the various flavours and colours of the organically produced tea.

tea -taste-at-Darjeeling

How to energize your four tastes along with Umami by tea tasting:

Umami is omnipresent in nature but still, we overlook. Sour, sweet, bitter, and salty are the primary taste senses that we have. Umami represents the savoury taste. It is not intensely noticeable, but, plays an important role to balance the taste of a tea as well as a dish. “Umami” is originated from Japan, but it is quite well known among the tea tasting community around the world.

Green tea incorporates a high quantity of glutamate. Glutamate mainly contains amino acids, which is a producer of the satisfying Umami taste. Chamong Chiabari is an exquisite producer of organic green tea, and you get to feel varying levels of bitter, sweet, and Umami tastes.

Chamong, a brand that is carrying the legacy of tea for such a long time. Now they are one of the most renowned names in the industry. Chiabari Conversations, revealed at the Chiabari Festival, gave us a insight of the tea world. Have a look at themoment.

Teas manufactured by Chamong Chiabari are from the foremost flush tea leaves, which are produced from the handpicked young leaves. We specially take care for these kinds of leaves, by letting them grow in the shades. Teas which are low in Umami mainly represent inferior quality tea leaves. At Chamong Chiabari, you get to enjoy the grandeur of Darjeeling luxury resorts and taste universally renowned best-flavoured tea.

Events of Tea Tasting include:

  • • Green Tea Aperitif on arrival
  • • Introduction to Chamong Chiabari production and the varieties of tea
  • • The brief history of tea cultivation in India
  • • Guided tasting of extravagant types of teas and blends along with notes

Does all these factors giving you some serious motive to visit us? We would love to provide you with an all in one customised experience of teat-tasting at Chamong. We, being the world's largest organic tea producer company, would love to give you the kind of taste and feel that you have always wished for. For more information about Chamong, visit us at: