In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. - John Muir .

A trip to the land of Seven Sisters has a lot to offer to its admirers. One such gem of the hilly northeastern tourist destinations is Darjeeling. The hill station was initially a cluster of hamlets that was under the administration of Sikkim and Nepal, but in the 19 th century, British people discovered that the place has a suitable climate for tea plantation. Later, the hill station was developed as a tourist spot and the iconic toy train was opened in the year 1881.

Darjeeling is famous for its tea plantation beautiful landscapes. There are a plenty of tea bungalows located in the fringes of the hill station, overlooking the emerald green tea estates and the mighty Kanchenjunga range. One of the premium tea bungalows is Chamong Chiabari, located at a stone’s throw distance from Darjeeling minus the chaos that you might get when staying in the town.


Chamong: where the sky descends to welcome you

A true globetrotting maverick might not be able to find peace in just exploring a popular tourist destination, but would surely desire to live an experience wherever he visits. At Chamong Chiabari, you might not just be holidaying, but will be taking a joyride down the ecstasy lane where the lush green tea gardens invite you to a rejuvenating expedition stunning landscapes transport you to a world of elation. Yes, this is what Chamong is for you.

Hail to the lands of ‘Sleeping Buddha’- on a vintage Land-rover

One of the most memorable journeys from Chamong Chiabari is to Sandakphu on a vintage Land-rover that you can only experience while your stay at the tea retreat. Get up, close and personal with the mighty mountains and awe-inspiring landscapes while you are strolling through the dense forest trails that takes you to Sandakphu. A registered guide & porters are provided to you from the tea retreat along with many other necessary arrangements to make your trek a soulful experience. The Land-rover journey will make sure to give you a smooth and hassle-free ride despite uneven & bumpy roads. Witness the splendid views of mighty Himalayas along with Makalu, Jannu, Lhotse, Everest and a plenty of mountain peaks upon reaching there. All these mountain ranges apparently form ‘Sleeping Buddha’ shape that is a delight to witness.

Chamong is not only a paradise for the travelers who wish to spend some quite moments in rendezvous with nature, away from home. Rather, it gives much more than what you might expect from a luxurious tea retreat- a blissful experience that you can remember for your entire lifetime. It’s more like a rejuvenation therapy that refreshes you from the core. So take a break from your daily life and enjoy splendidly the ‘Chamong’ way!