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Mountain Retreat & SPA at Darjeeling

Welcome to Chamong Chiabari

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Some of the world’s most breathtaking retreats are far from sea level. A getaway nestled in a valley amidst the beautiful Himalayan ranges, that offer visitors picturesque views and a quiet respite away from the hustle of everyday life, is undoubtedly a traveler’s paradise. Perched atop a serene cliff, Chamong Mountain Retreat and Spa is one such getaway which offers the best to its guests in one of the world’s most stunning mountaintop locations at an elevation of 4800 ft.

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Our Properties

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The finest accommodations designed to offer a multi-faceted wellness experience like no other

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We have 9 bedrooms and 2 suites designed to offer the utmost comfort to the guests. The rooms are uniquely named after the 9 tea gardens owned by the Chamong Tea Company. Every room and suite are decorated with a blend of traditional and modern furnishings, using teak wood antiques.


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Essence of Natural Beauty

A virgin experience for nature’s clients to heal, cleanse and revitalize

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A ravishing spa, to savour the treatments that utilize fresh water from the springs—believed to have healing powers, is a divine experience. Being a spa resort, great emphasis has been given to Ayurveda. It forms the basis of a thoughtfully planned wellness regime for the guests. From specialized diet plans and massages to fulfill more rigorous lifestyle changes, the spa experience here is an opportunity for the guests to fulfill their desire to heal, cleanse, relax and revitalize.


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Comfort food is taken to new heights at this mountain-top retreat, complementing the natural splendour of the surroundings.

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Chamong Chiabari Mountain retreat and Spa offers the perfect way to satiate your appetite after the activities on the slopes of the Himalayan valley amidst the picturesque surroundings. A getaway in the solace of the Himalayas not only means just rest and relaxation but also means treating yourself to an incredible fine dining experience!


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For reservation or any kind of booking enquiry please call or email us.

  • +91-9830020620
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